Confined Space: Attendant Responsibilities

CSS provides competent and highly trained Confined Space Attendants to all areas of industry including construction, manufacturing, and oil & gas operations. Our employees are trained to survey the work area, assess any hazards, alert operations to these hazards, eliminate or mitigate the hazard, acquire the appropriate equipment, and maintain a constant and alert watch for any hazards (fires, deficient atmospheres, presence of gas or vapors) while work is being done. Employees are trained to react appropriately in the event any adverse conditions arise, and to remain in place attentively anytime personnel are in the space. Our technicians work closely with operations and are fully involved in the planning and JSA processes. CSS technicians are trained to the OSHA 1910.504 regulations listed below.  

The responsibilities of an attendant for a confined space are:

  • Perform no other duties that interfere with the attendant’s primary duties
  • Remain outside the permit space during entry operations unless relieved by another authorized attendant
  • Know existing and potential hazards, including information on the mode of exposure, signs or symptoms; Maintain communication with and keep an accurate account of workers entering the permit space
  • Order evacuation of the permit space when one of the following occurs:
    • A prohibited condition exists
    • A worker shows signs of physiological effects of hazard exposure
    • An emergency outside the confined space exists
    • The attendant cannot effectively and/or safely perform required duties
  • Summon rescue and other services during an emergency
  • Ensure that unauthorized people stay away from permit space

Trust the safety of your confined space operations to Confined Space attendants at Crescent Safety Services. We target zero incidents in all operations.