Compliance Services (ISN, PEC, PICS, Ariba)

Oil & Gas Contractors

Contractors are required to complete their customized HSE manual, audit questionnaires, provide proof of safety documentation, insurance, worker’s compensation, statistical information, as well as numerous uploads to compliance verification websites. All these mandates can be daunting and extremely time consuming.

The following is a listing of each program/service CSS will provide to your company to help you attain and maintain 100% acceptance with your Operator/Client.

Write, build, create and publish a complete HSE manual per your 3rd party prequalification required elements: ISNetworld, PEC, Ariba, PICS, etc…

  • This will provide you with a hardbound and digital copy (on CD-ROM)
  • Complies with all ISNetworld and PEC Requirements
  • Written in accordance with state and federal regulations and current SEMS II requirements

Upload of all HSE policies and procedures and training requirements as per operator requirements into ISNetworld, PEC, etc.

  • Each individual chapter will be uploaded in the designated format and updated to remain in full compliance. Revisions will be sent quarterly in hard copy to update the manuals and an electronic copy will be e-mailed.
  • All training to be uploaded initially (complete) and updated when required

Prequalification Audit Questionnaire Program:

  • Complete all 1000-2000 questions matching your HSE Program in ISNetworld and PEC and to continually update the questionnaire.
  • Eliminate all discrepancies.
  • Upload (if required) all insurance and statistical documentation
  • Upload (if required) all Worker’s Compensation and Insurance documents

Training Review and Verification Documentation Program:

  • Provide all required documentation to show proof of training to match requirements in HSE Policy Manual
    • Upload (if required) all documentation
    • Guarantee 100% compliance through a training matrix for each position

Crescent Safety Services will work closely with your team to gain and maintain compliance in all regulatory requirements and to keep you in primary vendor status.